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There’s nothing like a well-composed photo, and thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever for budding photographers to find helpful information and good examples to learn from. So, whether you’re a photo hobbyist or a seasoned pro, it’s worth looking into some of the web’s best photographer resources. From tutorials to photo-sharing networks, here are the five websites that every photographer should be following.

Craft Your Skill With DIY Photography

When honing in on a skill, we all need to start somewhere, and that’s usually reading up on all the knowledge we can. There are quite a few photography tutorial websites out there, but DIY Photography is a particularly good one. The site balances lessons in the basic fundamentals of photography with practical skills such as how to save Photoshop files more quickly and tips for properly setting up your camera stands. And with hundreds of articles of all different subjects to read through, DIY Photography makes for a great resource for newbies and experts alike.

Learn from the Pros at The New York Times

You can learn a lot just by seeing what the professionals do. And where else should you look than America’s leading source of photojournalism, The New York Time?. NYT’s Lens blog offers the freshest examples in photojournalism from the best photographers in the world. Not only will you be getting masterclass lessons in framing and composition, you’ll also be staying up to date with current events.

Pick the Perfect Lens With LensHero

PhotographyIf you’re getting serious about photography, you’re going to soon find out that picking out the right lens is just as difficult – or perhaps even more so – than snagging the right camera body. With all lenses offering drastic differences in the pictures you can take, and most only fitting certain camera bodies, it’s really tough to know what exactly you need in your camera bag. LensHero helps you make those tough decisions by asking what camera model you have and what kinds of pictures you want to produce, and then providing a list of lenses that will work to achieve your goal.

Find Your Niche on Reddit

Reddit has long been a go-to source for both in-depth conversation and funny memes, but it’s also great for finding communities that rally around pretty specific hobbyists. With a so-called “subreddit” for every sports team and television show you can imagine, you can bet there are a ton of great resources for photography here as well. Along with /r/photography, which is the site’s biggest hub for photo news and tips, there’s also /r/itookapicture for those who want their photos critiqued. And if you’re feeling a lack of inspiration, check out /r/PictureChallenge for weekly competitions revolving around a theme.

Share Your Work on Instagram

If you’re super-serious about your photography, you can of course head to Flickr, where all the pros post their work for the world to see. But if you’d rather show off your skill to your friends and family, Instagram is probably a more friendly medium. For one, you can instantly upload pictures from your phone. And with ownership by Facebook, it’s easy to share your photos with friends who aren’t even on Instragram. While the photography-based social network isn’t quite the showcase for pure photography that it used to be, it’s still the best option out there.

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