Are You Wearing The Right Shoes? Here’s How To Tell

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Do you find yourself rubbing your feet at the end of a long day, wishing for a foot massage? This is a sure sign that your shoes aren’t right for your feet. Whether you need to fix the shoes you have or you’re ready to throw them in the bin, there are a few things you need to know about your shoes.

The Right Shoe for the Activity

It’s obvious that you shouldn’t wear boots to go running. However, choosing the right shoe can be more nuanced than simply choosing going to the corresponding aisle at your local shoe store. Some shoes are meant for standing in all day, while others are better fitted for fashion. So, whether picking out what you’ll wear for the day, or picking out a new shoe at the store, always keep in mind the context in which you’ll be wearing it.

Correct Size

Woman-Tying-ShoesIt’s easy to tell if a shoe is way too big or too small for your fit, but oftentimes, shoe size is a bit more subtle than that. After all, our feet swell throughout the day, affecting how well our feet fit into our shoes. Also, if you’re used to going off a standard shoe size, keep in mind that not all shoe manufacturers craft their products to exactly the same standards. For example, a size 8 of a certain brand may be slightly smaller than a shoe from another company. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to go a half-size above or below – whatever feels more comfortable.

Correct Fit

While shoe size is the obvious criterion for picking the best shoe, it shouldn’t be the only thing you look at. Also consider how the shoe fits your foot. Is it wide enough at the toes? What about at the wide part of your foot? Again, keep in mind that your feet swell throughout the day, and even a shoe that’s slightly too narrow may cause foot pain.  

Proper Support

There’s some appeal to the minimalism of a flat shoe with little support, but it’s really not very good for your feet. If your shoes are completely flat and archless, think about getting some sole support inserts. They’re cheap and they can do wonders for your feet. Even if your shoes already have cushioned support, it might have worn down after time or possibly wasn’t good enough to begin with.

Professional Help

While these tips will help you may more educated decisions about improving your shoe comfort and picking better shoes in the future, it can still be difficult to find the best shoe for your foot, especially when faced with the endless rows of shoe boxes at your local store. In these cases, consult with a staff member, who should be able to measure your foot and arch to help you determine the best-fitting shoe.

By spending some time picking out the right shoe, you’ll be making your life much easier. It won’t exactly be like that scene from “Cinderella,” but your feet will definitely thank you!

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