15 Best House Plants for Apartment Living

As every smart apartment dweller knows, only special types of house plants will flourish in their home. Apartment plants face the unique challenges of being stout enough to prevail in spite of low humidly and lack of natural sunlight, while also displaying enough brilliance to liven up a small [...]

How to Keep Your Apartment Smelling Fresh

It’s that time of year again when the cold winter months make it hard to keep your apartment smelling fresh. Between the damp weather and frigid temperatures, it often feels as though spring will never arrive. While throwing open the windows works wonders during the warmer seasons, you know [...]

Fun Board Games with Friends and Family

With winter in full gear, one inevitably spends many hours indoors. If you do not have activities to help you relax and have some fun, you will feel cooped up. Here are a few game ideas you and your friends or family can get a hold of and have fun while indoors this season. Scythe […]

5 Fitness Hacks To Keep Active This Winter

Staying active and maintaining a fitness routine just seems easier in the warmer weather. No need for creativity or any special gear — just lace up your running shoes and head out to any park or school track for a walk or jog. Or getting yourself to the gym for a spin class or Zumba […]

5 Ways to Combat the “Winter Blues”

As we turn back the clock this fall, we find ourselves adjusting again to the longer nights and impending winter months when everyone hibernates. You don’t have to let the darkness overtake your mood and seclude yourself. Here are 5 strategies on how to keep the winter blues (also known [...]

Spooky Halloween Family Fun in New Jersey

With Halloween right around the corner, you may be looking for some spooky or fun outings to get you in the mood. Here are some scary and sweet options for you and your family. Bane Haunted House has been named the scariest haunted house in New Jersey for five years in a row by The […]

5 Fun Things To Do in Winter in New Jersey

It’s officially Fall, and if the past years are any indication, it will be a relatively short-lived season with Winter coming around the corner in no time! Thankfully, New Jersey is loaded with plenty of fun things to do and places to explore, even during the cold and wintry months. And [...]

Fun Things to Do at the Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore is packed full of fun things to do all year round! Here’s are a few places to check out depending on your mood: 1) Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ has arcades, restaurants, and rides primarily for younger children to enjoy. There’s also an aquarium that displays all [...]

Six Simple Decorating Ideas For Your Apartment

Summer is almost over (and that’s not an easy concept for most of us to grasp just yet) and in just a few weeks, we may start seeing the first signs of leaves changing color and some crisp, cooler nights hinting to the imminent arrival of Fall. And then, before we know it, “the holidays” [...]

Living in The Lap Of Luxury Apartments

Making the choice to be a home-owner or not, involves a lot of list-making, number crunching, and honest assessment of your priorities. Once you’ve opted to forego home-ownership and take the path towards renting a home or apartment, there are still countless decisions to be made to find [...]