Organic Cleaning Products for Your Apartment

Chemicals in cleaning products can be harmful to your health. Fortunately, there are many quick and easy recipes for natural housecleaning products. You can whip up a natural cleaning product for almost any household job in just a few minutes with the following common ingredients: Vinegar [...]

10 Interior Lighting Tips

When most people think about interior design, they probably head straight for paint colors and furniture. However, lighting plays a huge part in the overall look and feel of your apartment’s interior, and deliberate lighting is key when to comes to creating your preferred mood.  [...]

How To Dress Up Boring Walls

It’s always nice to make sure your home reflects your personality. When you open your front door, it’s an amazing experience to come home and feel safe and inspired. Since your walls take up a large portion of your home, it’s a wise move to decorate the walls with stunning [...]

Apartment Decluttering

You’ve undoubtedly heard how important it is to declutter your home. That’s true whether you live in a large, multi-story house or a tiny apartment. There are numerous benefits to freeing your apartment of clutter-here are just a few we thought were worth mentioning. #1. You’ll feel more [...]

Tip and Tricks for Cleaning an Apartment

No matter the size of your apartment, finding the time and energy to clean it can be a hassle. From getting on your knees to scrub the floors to finding a ladder to clean the ceiling fan, this task can easily begin to feel overwhelming. If you’re looking for an easier way to do things, [...]

10 Benefits of Apartment Living

Many people assume that owning and living in a single-family home is the best way to live. However, there are many benefits to apartment living. If you haven’t yet given it some thought, you may find that living in an apartment is actually the best choice. These are just some of the many [...]

Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment Bathroom

Bathrooms can be small with white walls. Many people don’t take advantage of all the interior design ideas, and creativity that can be done to the bathroom. Modern bathroom improvements can be cheap and removable, which allows you to to personalize this important space. If you’re ready to [...]

Storage Hacks for Apartment Living

There is some good news for apartment dwellers who find it difficult to store all of the things they love in a small living space. You don’t have to continue fighting clutter and tripping over things that are spilling out of your closet or out from under your bed. A few simple storage [...]

15 Best House Plants for Apartment Living

As every smart apartment dweller knows, only special types of house plants will flourish in their home. Apartment plants face the unique challenges of being stout enough to prevail in spite of low humidly and lack of natural sunlight, while also displaying enough brilliance to liven up a small [...]

How to Keep Your Apartment Smelling Fresh

It’s that time of year again when the cold winter months make it hard to keep your apartment smelling fresh. Between the damp weather and frigid temperatures, it often feels as though spring will never arrive. While throwing open the windows works wonders during the warmer seasons, you know [...]