Great House Plants for Your Apartment

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House plants make for an easy way to dress up your apartment. They can transform any room and it’s a simple addition that doesn’t require much thought on your part. House plants not only look great, but they can offer many other benefits. They can freshen up the air in your apartment or house and they can help to get rid of toxins. House plants can also be a good mood booster. If you want to make your living space better and are interested in purchasing some plants, keep reading to check out which plants make great house plants:

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is a great choice for a house plant. The look of this plant will instantly make any room look more exciting. Many people choose to invest in the Spider Plant because it’s so easy to take care of, no matter your gardening ability. These plants love light, but they don’t need direct sunlight to thrive. Another reason to love the Spider Plant? It’s a perfect pet-friendly choice for your home.

Bird’s Nest Fern
The Bird’s Nest Fern looks funky and will be the star of any room in your house! Your friends and family will be asking all about it. This would be a great plant for a bathroom space because it functions best with medium indirect sunlight and does well in a humid environment. This is a good house plant choice if you live with pets.

Aloe Plan

The Aloe Plant is another excellent house plant option to consider. This plant looks adorable and its leaves contain medicinal properties, so you’ll be set for when you get a sunburn in the summer. Like most succulents, this plant requires minimal watering so you can keep it alive without much difficulty. This is not a good option if you have pets.

English Ivy

Yet another great house plant is the English Ivy plant. This quirky little plant will go perfectly on a table or dresser. You can easily cut off pieces and start a new plant for someone you care about. English Ivy thrives in a cooler environment. This plant is not pet-friendly.

Parlor Palm

We also suggest the Parlor Palm. If you like palm trees, you can have your own indoor version. This plant works well in temperatures as low as 50 degrees and prefers low lighting and minimal watering. Be careful not to overwater. This is a pet-friendly plant option!

These are some of the best house plants out there. If your apartment is feeling a bit dull and boring, all it takes is the addition of some beautiful plants to make a big, lasting difference. You’ll have fun choosing the best plants for your space and you may just wonder why you didn’t buy some plants sooner!

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