Perfect Houseplants for Apartments

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House plants can serve many purposes in your living space. They help to clean the air and may even improve your mood. Plants can fill an empty space, provide a natural centerpiece, create the perfect accent, or even give you an interesting conversation starter. If you are worried that you don’t have a green thumb, look no further than our suggestions. These plants are so easy to care for, even a novice can handle them. So whether you have a spacious penthouse suite or a small studio, there is definitely a low maintenance houseplant that compliments your apartment.

The snake plant is a very tolerant plant, and great for beginners. It requires indirect sunlight, making it easy to place in your home. This plant does not require much water and actually removes toxins from the air. There are various types, including the dwarf form, which grows to only about eight inches, and much taller styles that look great in a large pot on the floor.

With low light and very little attention, the spider plant will do well in your apartment. This plant can grow lots of offshoots and fill in a space quite nicely. Hang it from the ceiling if you choose, and watch the shoots grow in various directions. You can cut off these plantlets to increase the number of plants in your home or plant them in fun pots to give as gifts.

If you choose an aloe plant for your home, it just might pay for itself. Not only will it purify the air, but it also makes a soothing balm that you can use on burns. Make sure to find a bright spot for this plant, and only water it every week or two when the soil dries out.

Cactus plants come in a variety of shapes and forms. It’s easy to add some dimension and texture to your home by incorporating a few cacti of different heights and appearances. Cacti are easy to care for. Place them in direct light and water occasionally, but be cautious around their prickly spines!

The silver philodendron is a trailing, viney plant that can grow up to 10 feet long. This plant will do best in bright indirect light. With more light, the spots on the leaves become whiter. This plant only needs watered about once a week. Just set a reminder on your virtual assistant and you’ll never forget!

Herbs such as rosemary, basil, oregano, chives and cilantro, are easily grown indoors and do well year-round. Make sure to provide these plants with lots of natural light and excellent drainage, as the roots may rot if they sit in water for too long. The kitchen is usually the right spot to grow herbs since you are sure to want to use them for cooking.

You don’t have to be a master gardener to keep beautiful houseplants in your home. Make sure to select plants like these that are easy to maintain in an apartment, and you can’t lose!

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