Things to do in New Jersey in the Spring

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Charming New Jersey lies in the center of the eastern seaboard. If you’re one of the state’s eight million plus residents or just traveling through, you’ll find lots of wonderful things to do in the spring. From seeing baby animals at a local farm, to walking on the state’s famous beaches and outdoor concerts, this is a great place to be when the weather warms up.

Cherry Trees

Branch Brook Park has dozens of marvelous cherry trees. Take some time this spring to admire them in full bloom. The park’s annual cherry blossom festival features live music, crafts and a petting zoo.

Baseball Tickets

New Jersey is home to several minor league baseball teams. Check out a home game with the Lakewood Blueclaws or the Trenton Thunder. Grab the popcorn and have some fun watching a game in person.

Amusement Parks

Spring is amusement park season. Now is the ideal time to visit an amusement park in the mild weather. Places like Six Flags Great Adventure and The Land of Make Believe are an easy day trip from most places in the state. Kids and adults alike can get on a ride and have a nice meal as they watch a show.

The Jersey Shore

A trip to New Jersey wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the state’s miles of beaches. New Jersey beaches are open for business all year long. Spring is a nice time to spread out a towel and dip your toes in the water. Cape May has a spring festival at the end of April. It’s a great opportunity to get to know this pretty town with gaily decorated houses in many fabulous colors that delight the eyes.

Visit a Farm

Jersey produce and other farm products are a beloved product of the garden state. When the warmer months come along, farms are happy to receive visitors. Bring the kids along to Alstede Farms in the heart of the state. Baby animal are right there for the petting. This is also a great time for people to pick lots of fresh produce. If you love strawberries and other berries, many area orchards have lots of chances to pick your own. You can pick berries right off the bushes and bring them home to make into a pie or for eating on your own. Many farms have all sorts of wonderful prepared items you can also bring home with you.

Outdoor Concerts

The state attracts many artists happy to share their work. Spring is time for lots of wonderful outdoor concerns. Venues like the State Theater of New Jersey offer plenty of chances to hear all sorts of musical acts. Head for the PNC Bank Arts Center in central New Jersey for a place dedicated to bringing in some of the most famous acts in the entire country. Newark is home to the Prudential Center. That’s another fabulous place to enjoy the arts in New Jersey. Spring is an ideal time for all sorts of concerts.

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