3 Simple Tricks To Make Your Kitchen Look Better

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The kitchen is one of the centerpoints of your home, and no one likes a messy kitchen. Whether you’re expecting guests or you’re just bored of how your kitchen looks, a little cleaning and sprucing up can give your apartment a fresh, rejuvenating feeling. Thankfully, you can make your kitchen look better with just a few simple tricks.

Declutter, Analyze, and Organize

Chances are, you’ve already tidied up your kitchen. Still, there’s more to keeping a good-looking kitchen that just washing the dishes. Your first step in making your kitchen look snazzy is to declutter. That means getting rid of all the bills, pocket change, and other miscellaneous objects that have amassed in your kitchen. Put all these things back where they belong, and if you don’t have a place to put them, it’s time to seriously reorganize your home.

Next, take a good, hard look at what’s left on the counters. For example, do you keep a toaster always plugged in? Or is that hardly-used blender often left sitting out? Think about how often use these appliances, and even if it’s on a daily basis, consider keeping them tucked away in a cabinet until it’s time to use them. Once you’ve made your toast or smoothie, put the appliance back. You’ll be left with a tidier, more open kitchen.

Get Floral With Potted Plants

Keeping plants in your apartment comes with a few benefits. For one thing, they add a little natural color and life to your home. And secondly, they can actually be fun to look after. While a plant doesn’t quite reciprocate love like a cat or dog does, there is always some affection to be had in caring after a living thing.

If your kitchen has an island counter, this is the perfect place for a vase full of colorful flowers. They’ll create a new focal point to your kitchen and, if placed correctly, create a sense of symmetry where there wasn’t before. If you have room above the refrigerator and the kitchen cupboards, aim for some long, viney plants. These will be less conspicuous while still giving your kitchen a natural feel. Keep in mind that if you have allergies or you’re bad at remembering to water the plants, no one will hold it against you if you choose fake plants.

Personalize With Art and Boards

One of the greatest things you can do with your home decor is add a bit of personalization. You should see your home as an extension of your personality and an opportunity to express yourself. So, hang artwork that especially fits your temperament and pictures of friends and family you care about. Not only will this give your home a feeling that someone actually lives there, but it’ll also give you some good talking points when you have visitors.

For something cute and a little different, consider hanging up a small whiteboard or chalkboard. You can use this board to write reminders, inspirational quotes, random musings, notes to your family or roommates, and even the dinner menu for the week.

The kitchen shouldn’t just be a place where you cook; it should be the heart of the home! By adding a little personality to this special part of your home, you’ll wow your guests and enjoy spending more time there yourself.

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