Best Quiet NJ Beaches to Avoid Tourist Traffic This Summer

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Beachgoing is one of the greatest activities summer has to offer. It’s too bad that’s everyone else’s idea of a good time as well. If you’re trying to find some relaxing time while managing throngs of loud people and unkempt facilities, even the best-planned beach excursion can go south quickly. To get you totally prepared for the summertime beach hunt, here are some top tips for non-touristy spots on the Jersey shoreline.

Ocean Grove Beach

In terms of a quiet, family-friendly beach, Ocean Grove has it all. You can expect clean sand, good views, and friendly crowds too, as alcohol is unavailable nearby and is prohibited on the beach. What really gives Ocean Grove Beach a heads-up on the competitors is the serene town surrounding it. Seeped in Victorian influence, Ocean Grove is a quaint town that holds many festivals throughout the summer. While you’re not going to find too much excitement beyond that in Ocean Grove, this is the perfect location for cutting back, relaxing, and letting all your worries wash away.

Spring Lake Beach

Although the beach is named after the nearby Spring Lake, this quiet beach is indeed on the Atlantic. A lot of the beach (including the boardwalk) has been rebuilt since Hurricane Sandy hit the coast in 2012, so you can expect clean and hassle-free facilities. Keep in mind that Spring Lake doesn’t allow food on the beach, which might seem a little unreasonable until you realize that this keeps the seagulls away. You’ll have to visit this beach on a full belly, but with many oceanfront shops and restaurants nearby, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Asbury Park Boardwalk

If you’re looking for a little more adventure in your beachgoing, Asbury Park Boardwalk is the waterfront attraction to head to. This boardwalk is home to many great shops and other attractions, such as volleyball nets, playgrounds, and even a splash park – perfect for the kids. However, some beachgoers have made note that the sand quality at the Asbury Park Boardwalk, while tolerable, isn’t the cleanest. Consider a trip to Asbury Park if you’re planning on enjoying the ocean from the boardwalk and no so much from the sand.

Belmar Beach

As with Spring Lake Beach, Belmar was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, meaning that much of the beach had to be restored. If you visit Belmar, expect clean, rockless sand and pristine water to match. The rebuilt boardwalk is great for taking a walk or going on a jog, even in your bare feat. And unlike Spring Lake, you can bring food onto the beach. Hot tip: if you’re with the family, stick below 8th Avenue to avoid the college crowds.

A trip to the beach makes for a good family outing and a great way to clean your mind of the stresses of the week. Whatever your goal is in going to the beach, these quiet oceanfronts will let you achieve that fun and relaxing mindset. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen!

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