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If you’re a person who does some work at home, the right desk is a crucial part of the equation. Some are happy just to pick out any old desk from their local store and call it a day. And while it’s true that any big-box store will have cheap working desks to choose from, there’s a good chance that their offerings don’t exactly scream “quality”. That’s why many people choose to go with Swedish furniture gurus IKEA. Here are a few different home office desk options from IKEA that cater to all sorts of needs.

BEKANT for the Worker Who Doesn’t Need Much

If you’re the type of person who keeps little clutter and likes to keep things minimal, IKEA’s BEKANT line of desks is about as simple as you can get: a surface on legs. Though this desk option is fairly no-frills, there are some helpful features that make it a little more in-depth than it looks at first glance. The desk has an adjustable height, which is great for the person who is particular about their posture. The desk also comes with an under-the-table net for managing cables and keeping the unsightly mess out of sight.

Sit or Stand With SKARSTA

Standing desks are becoming all the rage in office productivity. Those who champion the unconventional working practice claim that standing while working keeps your body more active and your mind better focused. IKEA’s minimalist SKARSTA desk gives the home office worker the choice of sitting or standing as needed. Underneath the desk’s surface is a hand crank, which allows for raising and lowering of the desk’s height.

MICKE-DeskMICKE Corner Desk for Organization

If you have papers and folders to organize or you feel more productive by having a larger desk, the MICKE corner workstation might be what you’re looking for. The MICKE comes with shelves that you can adjust to fit whatever you need stored. There are also cutouts for better cable management to keep that neat-and-tidy look. But one of the neatest features of this workstation is the built-in whiteboard on the back surface, which is perfect for jotting down to-dos or random notes.

A More Traditional Look With HEMNES

Not everyone is looking for the sleek and minimal look. If you want your desk to fit in with your homey decor, the HEMNES desk, built from solid wood, works a little better with the warm atmosphere you’ve crafted for your home. Files and supplies can be kept out of sight in a doored cabinet and drawers. HEMNES can also be fitted with an add-on shelving unit for extra space.

While you can count on IKEA for some quality furniture, one of the lesser-known benefits of shopping with this company is that their products often match with accessories they also sell. So, if you’re happy with your desk but find that you need a lamp or chair, there’s often something that’ll fit right with the style of the desk you’ve chosen. Hopefully this consistency will transition into a better work environment for your home office.

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