Tips To Better Utilize Your Closet Space

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You can never have too much closet space. Even if you had a large walk-in with plenty of room, chances are you’d quickly fill it with clothing, shoes, accessories and more. That’s why it doesn’t matter what size closet you’re dealing with, but rather how you go about organizing the space that you have.

Whether you love to organize, want to get a head start on spring cleaning, or simply hope to make a smaller space look larger than it is, here are some tips to better utilize your closet space.

Make The Most Of Storage And Wall Racks

With so many modern furnishings from places like Ikea, most of which will neatly hide away and out of sight when not in use, there are plenty of options to choose from to make the most of the space you have. While there may be a lot of unused space in your closet if you simply put your clothes on hangers and shoes on the floor, you can add multiple different areas for storage with wall racks and hideaway cubbies.

Avoid Unnecessary Clutter

Closet-SpaceYour closet is great for hiding things that you don’t want to leave out in plain sight, but it’s important to avoid filling your valuable space with invaluable items. Find somewhere else to put your yoga mat, old books, or unused towels, as the bedroom closet isn’t an ideal location for these things. By avoiding unnecessary clutter in your closet, you’ll make the most of the space you have.

Add Lighting

With just a few affordable lights, you can make it much easier to see in your closet. By adding lighting to your closet, you’ll be able to see back into the darker corners that typically go unused. In addition, lighting adds a bit of high-end flair, even if you live in a budget-friendly apartment.

Store Seasonal Items In Fashionable Luggage

You spent a ton of money on that luggage that you use to travel the world, but you only use it every few months. Show off your jet-setting passion by using that luggage as fashionable storage. You can also store larger items in your luggage, which will help you save even more room in your closet. Utilize other areas in your home and it will help you to save valuable closet space.


Everyone has a hard time letting go, but sometimes the best way to better utilize your closet space is to downsize and rid of old clutter. Consider the 6-month rule here, as it’s usually safe to purge items that you haven’t used in the last six months. Instead of just tossing your old things, consider selling them online to make a bit of money or donate them to a worthy charity.

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