Super Bowl Party Recipes

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If you want to be the talk of the party, you’ll need to have plenty of good food options that your guests will enjoy during the big game. Whether it’s a unique appetizer you’re trying for the first time, a hearty main course that you’ve spent hours on, or a drink that’s sure to whet everyone’s whistle, the food is definitely going to be a big part of your game day party.

To make sure that you have something for everyone, here are some Super Bowl party recipes that will score big time with your guests.

Homemade Soft Pretzels

Football-PartyThey take almost 2 hours to make, but these homemade soft pretzels will be a hit at your party. Pretzels are a common option for Super Bowl parties, but you’ll add your own unique touch with this recipe. The added softness makes biting into these fluffy treats even more enjoyable. You’ll test your intermediate baking skills and these will pay off with high rewards once they’re done.

Crab Imperial

Get ready to start the party right with this crab imperial. Along with crab, you’ll mix together a hollandaise and mayo before cooking for just 40 minutes. This recipe is perfect as a dip or side garnish with other options. It’s a fancy option for your Super Bowl party, but it really looks a lot more detailed than it really is.

Reuben Meatball Sliders

Bring out these Reuben meatball sliders once the game gets started and your guests will soon be cheering for you. They are easy to make in only about 25 minutes and each batch yields roughly 12 sliders. You’ll fill a lot of bellies without breaking a sweat like the guys on the field with this helpful recipe for the big game.

Chicken Wings

Every great Super Bowl party needs chicken wings. With this recipe, you’ll play it safe with a classic flavor that everyone is sure to enjoy. You can also serve the accompanied homemade blue cheese dip, which goes great with celery, carrots, wings, and other finger food options at your party.

Knock Out Brownies

After enjoying all of the appetizers and main course options, indulge in these tasty brownies to finish things off during the fourth quarter.  It won’t matter if the game is competitive or not, as these brownies will quickly become the talk of your party. A perfectly sweet mix of chocolate and caramel, be sure to make enough for everyone to come back for seconds of this desert.

This year, the big game is going to be an even bigger hit if you have plenty of delicious food options for your guests. No matter what type of chef you consider yourself to be, or what your guests enjoy eating, the options on this list are perfect Super Bowl recipes for your party. You’ll score big with your guests with any of these choices, while also providing the perfect eats for the big game.

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