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We all know how technology has changed the world, and it is evident in few places more than the car industry. Every year there are countless technological advances that are changing the way you drive. Cars are getting safer, more convenient, and easier to use as time goes on, so who knows what your next car could be capable of!

Pothole Sensors

Potholes are one of the biggest issues to drivers on the road today. Hitting a deep pothole can mess up the alignment of your car and even give you flat tires, so avoiding them is important no matter what car you drive. Luxury cars, sports cars, and any car lower to the ground can have even more problems if they hit the wrong pothole. Ford has recently begun introducing pothole sensing technology in some of their new cars. It looks at the road ahead and senses uneven pavement and adjusts the suspension accordingly. This is a feature that is sure to save people some money on repairs. Ford is also using this to create a map of potholes that drivers will be able to see when using a GPS, but this could be a long way off.

Keyless Entry

You haven’t needed a key to turn some cars on for a little while, but now you may never need to take your key out of your pocket. Major car brands like Honda have started to introduce technology that allows you unlock the car and turn it on if the keys are within a certain radius. Fingerprint technology has also become more popular in cars. You can now unlock your car and even start some with your fingerprint, similar to your cell phone. These changes will without a doubt make driving more convenient and who knows, one day soon you might not need a key at all!

More Cameras

Back-up cameras have been in cars for years and years, but that is only the beginning. Cars are now featuring cameras when you use turn signals, eliminating blind spots and allowing you to see everything that is coming. It is great for driving in the city to notice bikers or changing lanes on the highway. Cars are also coming equipped with cameras showing what is happening inside the car. This has been a struggle for kids with parents in the back seat for a long time, especially if you have a bigger car. Honda recently introduced CabinWatch in it’s 2018 Odyssey mini-van which can show you everything that is happening behind you. No more turning around and taking your eyes off the road to baby sit. Cameras will continue to become more widespread and will soon be a staple in every car on the market.

Driverless Capabilities

Surely you have heard about the future of driving a car, which is not driving at all. Tesla has become the industry leader in driverless cars and has very expensive cars on the road today that rarely require human intervention. You can get in them, set your destination, and largely sit back and enjoy the ride. There is still a ton of work to do before driverless cars are the norm and are affordable for more common use, but it is certainly the direction things are headed. In a lot of ways driverless cars are said to be more safe than cars operated by humans, so it could end up being a great change for all of us.

The list above are only a few of the incredible advances in technology in cars. All companies will continue to innovate and make changes that separate them from the pack. With how quickly trends change, who knows what your next car will be capable of!

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