Great Gifts For Graduates

Spring is here which means graduation season is upon us! Most colleges and graduate programs have already held their ceremonies, however high schools will be held in the coming weeks. Graduation is a special time for the graduate and a great opportunity to give them a unique gift to show them what their accomplishments meant to you. Below are some great gift ideas for graduates in your life.


This was probably a pretty obvious first choice for our list. Whether graduating from college, high school, or preschool; everyone loves receiving money. There are all kinds of creative ways to give your graduate money like gift cards or everyone’s favorite, cold hard cash. A gift card to Dunkin Donuts or something similar that you know the person will be using in the next phase of their life is always a good idea. Sometimes giving cash seems insincere, but that is almost never the case with graduations. Life is expensive and chances are your graduate could really use the help along the way, especially at the start. College graduates can use cash on a professional wardrobe, transportation costs to jobs or interviews, and just general survival. If you give a high school graduate you can certainly feel confident they will spend it on books and school supplies and absolutely nothing else.


This is a pretty expensive gift no matter how close of a relationship you have with the graduate. It is a great gift from parents for a child heading off to college. Every soon to be college student will need to have a reliable laptop in order to have a chance of having success in school. Almost all of the work they do outside of the classroom will require the computer in some way. As for college grads, they could need a computer for their future employment or one to help find opportunities. A lap top is a big decision and something they will have for years to come so it might be a good idea to consult with them before buying. You don’t want to buy them a laptop that they will be stuck with for years to come if they do not like it or it doesn’t do all that they need it to. A computer is an expensive and complicated gift to give but it will certainly be appreciated by your graduate.

Gear Of Their Future School Or Alma Mater

If you are gifting a high school graduate it is always a good option to buy them something from their future school. They will likely be receiving all kinds of things with this on it, but it does not get old. It will instantly become a large part of their wardrobe and staple on the back of their car. The nice thing is that there will be a piece of merchandise in every price range, so there is something no matter what your relationship is to that particular graduate. College grads will still love receiving things from their alma mater. Graduating college is an emotional time and they are likely feeling nostalgic about their former home, so getting them something with alumni on it is always a great gift. Of course, if the college grad is continuing their education you can buy them gear from their next stop.

Something for their home

No matter what level graduate you are buying something for, there is a good chance they are about to change their living situation. High school grads will need all kinds of things for their dorm room, from bedding to posters to a television. It will be something they will truly appreciate as it is one less thing they will have to get on their own. College grads are normally getting ready to head out on their own, so something for an apartment or a house is a great gift option. Consider getting them some kitchen items as there is a good chance their cooking career is about to get started. Home gifts are good for any occasion, but they are especially appreciated by graduates.

Graduating from anything is a huge milestone in someone’s life. It is also a great opportunity for you to gift something that might not be fitting for a birthday or holiday. There is so much graduates will need in the next step of their lives and will appreciate any help you are able to give them.

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