Great Jersey Shore Labor Day Traditions to Wrap Up Summer

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Like it or not, with Labor Day on the horizon, summer is coming to a close. With little time left before temperatures drop and it’s impossible to spend more than five minutes outside, now is your chance to make the best of the Jersey Shore. Whether you want to spend the last days of summer listlessly enjoying the sunshine, or you’d rather end the summer a little more enthusiastically, there’s a lot you can do this coming Labor Day.

Have a Beach Day

There might not be a better way to pay your respects to the summer season than by spending a calm, peaceful day on the oceanfront. Even if you’ve had plenty of beach days this summer, you’ll find yourself missing the crashing of the waves when you’re looking outside at the snow falling. Keep in mind, however, that even though it’s nearing the end of the season, you’ll still want to wear sunscreen, because even on cloudy days you’re sure to get a ton of UV. You don’t want to celebrate Labor Day with a wicked sunburn, after all.

Attend an End-of-Summer Celebration

If you want to be a little more energetic this Labor Day, you can bet that there will be plenty of celebrations to round out the season – and with color, too. While there aren’t any set traditions for Labor Day, it isn’t uncommon to see fireworks lighting up the night sky, and this year will be no different. On September 3, at the nearby Manasquan Beach, you’ll find the annual Labor Day celebration, complete with fireworks and a concert. Asbury Park is also expected to hold a fireworks display on Labor Day Monday.

Hit Up Your Last Summer Festival

With the end of summer, a night of fireworks isn’t the only thing you’ll be saying goodbye to. Labor Day will also mark the end of festival season. Luckily, the summer will be ending strong, as there are tons of festivals celebrating all sorts planned around Labor Day weekend. If you’re feeling hungry, you’ll want to check out the BBQ & Craft Beer Festival at the Monmouth Park Racetrack. On the other hand, if your tastes are a little more refined, there will also be the Ocean City Pops series concert, Best of the POPS!, happening at the Ocean City Music Pier on September 7. Nevertheless, no matter you’re in to, there are sure to be other exciting events happening near you.

Swim in the Green Ocean

If you want to take part in an annual Jersey Shore Labor Day tradition that’s a little… different, head on over to the Allenhurst Beach Club on September 4 for a chance to swim in the green ocean. Each Labor Day, the beach club ushers in the fall season by dying the ocean green for the day, an activity that brings out tons of people of all ages. It’s an annual event that’s been going on for more than 70 years, meaning that multiple generations of New Jerseyans have been raised with this tradition. So, if you’ve never had a chance to swim in a green ocean, perhaps this year can be the beginning of a new tradition!

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