The Best Time of Year to Take a Trip

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There’s nothing quite like a well-timed trip. A vacation helps clear your head, get you out any rut you’re in, and brings some excitement to your life. However, don’t think you can just up and pack your bags and leave. No, there is some art to planning the perfect vacation, and much of it depends on when you choose to take your trip. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning on your vacation.

To Keep It Cheap, Don’t Think Like a Tourist

When it comes to prices, there isn’t really a universal “best time” to take a trip during the year. It all depends on where you’re going. Each travel destination in the world has its on seasons and off seasons, which usually correspond to when the weather is nicest in that area. While it makes sense that you’d want to hit up your travel destination when the weather is most opportune, this is when a lot of other people will want to as well. That means that when you get to your location, there will probably be longer lines, busier spots, and higher prices for services and lodging. You can probably bet on the ticket there being more expensive, too.

road tripIf you’re looking to get out, but you don’t want to spend the money, you’ll want to find out when your travel location has the best weather, and accordingly, when most people plan on visiting. Most travel guides should indicate when this time is. The trick is to find other times during the year that are manageable but not as popular. Just make sure that you don’t show up when the weather makes it impossible to go anywhere. You don’t want to spend your vacation holed up in your hotel room!

Avoid the Holidays

During holiday seasons, much like during periods of good weather, you’ll be likely to see increased activity and higher prices as others use their off time to travel. That’s why you should do your best to avoid leaving during the holidays – both American holidays and the ones for wherever you’ll be visiting.

This isn’t considering, of course, a case in which you want to visit a country specifically for its holiday, which can be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the culture of the place you’re visiting. For example, Thailand’s Songkran water festival holiday, held during April, is a major draw for foreigners who don’t mind paying a little more and being inconvenienced in exchange to take part in the festivities.

Be Considerate of Your Work and Family

Although you might be at your wit’s end and so ready for that vacay, you don’t live your life in a vacuum. Others, such as your friends, family, and coworkers, depend on you, and to leave at an inopportune time would be inconsiderate for those in your life. For example, it’s a bit rude to take time off during any busy seasons at work, leaving your coworkers to pick up the slack during your absence. Even if you’ve earned vacation time and you’ve managed to clear the time with your superiors, take a moment to consider how it would affect everyone else.

This cuts both ways, however. It can be easy to put off your vacation because there seems to never be a perfect moment to leave. If it seems there is never any down time in your life, if anything, that’s a good indication that you probably need a vacation. Putting off your trip isn’t any good, so if you have the chance to go, get to it!

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