Yoga You Should Do Every Morning in Your Apartment to Relieve Stress

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If you’ve never practiced yoga before, it can seem pretty strange from the outside, especially with all the funny names and seemingly impossible poses. Plus, as an apartment dweller, you might think that you don’t even have the space for a yoga routine. Well, it turns out that yoga–once you get over the odd-sounding poses–is easy to get into, even if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Just 10 minutes of it every morning can leave you feeling less stressed and ready to start the day. Try out these easy yoga poses, and soon enough, the stress will melt away.

Cat Cow

It doesn’t get much easier than this. To do the Cat Cow pose, simply get on all fours on the ground. Slowly alternate between arching your back up and then down, breathing as you move from the “cat” position to the “cow” position. This pose is like a light aerobics workout and does wonders for your back, working out any kinks you might have gotten while sleeping.

Mountain Pose

On paper, the Mountain Pose sounds simple – all you seemingly do is stand up straight. The beauty is in the details, however. As you slowly breathe in and out, focus on getting the best posture you can. Align your hips and your chest, strike the right balance between your feet, and work on getting your shoulders and neck straight. You’ll feel empowered and hopefully have better posture throughout the day.

Downward-Facing Dog

Perhaps the most difficult pose on this list, Downward-Facing Dog sees you with your hands and feet on the ground, trying to make a perfect “V” with your body. It’s harder than it sounds! At first, you might have difficulties supporting your weight for an extended period of time, and your feet might not even rest perfectly on the ground. Over time, though, you’ll become more flexible and it’ll get a little easier.

Child’s Pose

Sitting on your knees and ankles, simply lower your head and torso downward as far as you can, hopefully touching the ground with your forehead. You can either give your arms a good stretch by reaching them forward or let them rest at your sides. This is a good, restorative pose to do when you’re starting to feel the burn and need to take a rest and have a relaxing breather.

These aren’t nearly all the yoga poses, but they are enough to get you going without sweating too much. Still, you might find that practicing yoga is more difficult than you imagined. This is OK! Your body will need some time to get used to the stretches, and eventually, you’ll notice that you’re feeling better in both your yoga practice and throughout the day. Perhaps a time will even come when you actually look forward to waking up and getting to your yoga practice!

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