How To Dress Up Boring Walls

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It’s always nice to make sure your home reflects your personality. When you open your front door, it’s an amazing experience to come home and feel safe and inspired. Since your walls take up a large portion of your home, it’s a wise move to decorate the walls with stunning designs. Whether you’d like to create a classic look or an unconventional one, it’s up to you and your comfort level. Consider the following ways you can dress up boring walls and make your mark.

1. Ladders
Many large home decor stores sell lovely wooden ladders. Within the context of a shabby chic theme, many people love to use the ladders to store blankets in the living room. However, you can also use ladders on the walls. Don’t get stuck by the specific color either. If you’d like to paint a brown wooden ladder in a bright color like yellow or turquoise, you can liven up a specific wall. You can also attach a ladder to the wall in the hallway. You can use the ladder to hang coats, purses and more. It’s an unusual spin on a classic piece of furniture. 

2. Gallery Wall
Choose one of the largest walls in one of the main rooms. Measure that wall in order to create a gallery wall. There are tons of ways to approach a gallery wall. Find sentimental pictures of family members and friends. Pull out memorable postcards, photos of nature or artwork you’ve been gifted. Consider finding inspirational quotes that speak to your soul. To make things a bit quirky, find newspaper articles with funny headlines. When you gather all of your pieces, showcase them on the wall by putting them in frames. To make the look sleek and polished, use the same color for the frames. Before you drill holes in the wall, create a mock version of the wall on the floor in front of it. This will help you to decrease your chances of making a mistake. 

3. Bookshelves
If you have a large collection of books, it’s a great idea to showcase them and keep them in order with a few bookshelves. If you have little children, it’s wise to fasten the bookshelves to the walls. You don’t want to experience a mishap. Always customize your bookshelves to make them look more unique. If you’ve purchased simple white bookshelves, purchase a stencil and spray paint to add interesting designs to the sides of the shelving unit. 

4. Artwork
If you have a boring wall, one of the easiest ways to make a wall pop is through the addition of artwork. If you have a large budget, head over to an antique art shop to purchase pieces that reflect your style and taste. If you don’t have a large budget, you can always create your own artwork. Purchase a few large canvases. Paint a large yellow square on one canvas. Paint a round red circle on another canvas. Paint a large blue triangle on another canvas. If you frame the three pieces in ornate gold frames, no one will ever know that they’re not high-end pieces. Hang them side by side in a hallway or within a room to make an interesting statement. 5. Wallpaper
Wallpaper is especially perfect for those small nooks within your home. If you have a small powder room, make a large impact by covering the room in wallpaper. There are tons of wallpaper options that feature unique artwork. If you cover an entire wall in wallpaper, it can look like a large mural. This might serve as a stunning feature within a dining room. 

5. Vertical Garden
Biophilia-influenced design continues to take over as more people are developing green thumbs and learning how to maintain gardens. If you’d like to connect with nature in a unique way, consider cultivating a vertical garden. A vertical garden involves beautiful green plants that form a statement piece within the home. You can prune it into a large green wall. It’s okay to opt to keep them in separate pots along one wall. However, know that greenery will continue to trend within home design. Plus, it’s great for cleansing the indoor air and maintaining a clean environment. 

6. Lyrics or Book Quotes
If you love music, consider creating a wall feature that displays the lyrics to some of your favorite songs. Hire a graphic designer to design a large decal that you can apply to the walls of your home. You might even decide to take a page out of an impactful book you’re read. Line the walls with the words of that specific page that stands out to you the most. If you know an artist who does calligraphy, ask them to use calligraphy and paint the words directly to the wall. This is a unique way to make a statement, share a message and create an inspiring room. 

7. Sconces
Sconces are perfect for adding sophisticated lighting to a room. In a master bedroom, it’s nice to place a sconce on each side of the bed. You can choose a variety of colors and designs for the perfect sconce in a room. 

As you implement these tips and create walls that reflect your personality, you might become inspired to redecorate your home in other ways. Take your time with the process. It’s not uncommon for a design project to take a few weeks or months. If you’re really in tune with your creative side, you can sense what your home needs in order to create the ultimate ambiance you desire. As you patiently create and become inspired, your home will reflect your essence in no time. Always remember that masterpieces take time.

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