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You’ve undoubtedly heard how important it is to declutter your home. That’s true whether you live in a large, multi-story house or a tiny apartment. There are numerous benefits to freeing your apartment of clutter-here are just a few we thought were worth mentioning.

#1. You’ll feel more organized

When you have less stuff, you don’t have to stress over where you will put it. You also won’t have to try and fit too many things into a very small space. As a result, you’ll feel (and be) better organized. Now rather than scrambling to find certain things, you’ll know exactly where they are. That’s something that can make getting out the door in the morning less stressful as well.

#2. Storage space is freed up

If your closets are bursting at the seams, the problem may not necessarily be that they are too small. Rather, you could be trying to fill them with too many things. After cleaning out your closet, you’ll likely find that there is plenty of room for all your stuff after all. The same goes for your cabinets, dresser drawers, or any other storage area.

#3. It’s easier to keep things clean

It goes without saying that the fewer things you have in your home, the less stuff there is to clean. While decluttering can streamline your routine chores, it can also prove invaluable whenever it is time to deep clean. That’s because you won’t have to move as many things out of the way in order to scrub down walls and baseboards. 

#4. Your apartment will smell fresher

All that extra clutter holds dirt and dust mites. As a result, your apartment may retain a stale smell to it even if you have recently cleaned it. By getting rid of stuff, you’ll eliminate dust while allowing for better airflow. Now when you clean your space it will smell fresh and clean, particularly when you have just opened a window.

#5. You can avoid pests

You must always worry about pests any time you live in an apartment. One of the best ways to keep them at bay is to reduce the amount of clutter inside your own unit. A clean apartment is less likely to develop a roach, bed bug, or rodent infestation because these pests are automatically attracted to clutter. And if you do wind up with a pest problem, it will be easier to solve because you have provided these critters with fewer places to hide.

#6. Decluttering provides mental clarity

Constantly looking at piles of things lying around can be mentally stressful. It can make it difficult to relax and unwind when you are looking at a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Some people also believe that your home holds negative energy when it is a cluttered mess. So by getting rid of clutter, you could actually increase the life energy or chi of your apartment and improve its feng shui.

#7. It saves time

You’ll probably be surprised at how much time you can save just by getting rid of things you are no longer using. Of course you won’t need to spend as much time cleaning; however, you can save in other ways as well. For example, when you have fewer things to organize you won’t have to spend as much time straightening or sorting them.

Do you like to put away certain things and take out others whenever the seasons change? When you have fewer things to put in or take out then this process will consume less of your time as well. In fact, you may decide you no longer need to go through this semi-annual process at all.

#8. Decluttering can save you money

People with too much stuff are often inclined to move into a bigger residence. Maybe you too have been thinking it is time for a larger apartment because your current one doesn’t hold all your belongings. If so, you’ll probably be surprised at how much room you actually do have once you are done decluttering. In fact, you might even be tempted to downsize into a smaller unit.

Have you ever needed something and couldn’t find it? If so, you may have done what many folks in that situation do and that is go and buy that item again. Having a well-organized home will prevent you from being unable to find things, which hopefully means you won’t spend money on things you already have.

#9. Decluttering can make you money

Are you short on cash? If so, you might be surprised at how much money you can make just by getting rid of things you no longer need. Just because you do not have space for a yard sale does not mean you can’t sell things on Ebay or Letgo. You can easily make a few dollars by posting your unwanted items online-just be sure not to buy new stuff with the money you make.

These are just a few ways in which you could benefit by decluttering your apartment. To enjoy them, you’ll need to get started. Not sure where to begin? Start by gathering the materials you need then choosing one area of your home to tackle first. Remain consistent and in no time you too can enjoy a clean, well-organized apartment that is free from clutter.

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