What Type Of Pet To Get If My Apartment Doesn’t Allow Dogs or Cats

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Pet-GoldfishOh no! You just found the perfect apartment – only to find out that they don’t allow big pets. Maybe it’s not too big of a deal since you don’t have a dog or cat, but having a pet of some sort in your own apartment can be a lot of fun.

If your apartment complex doesn’t allow dogs or cats, here are some other options to consider as the perfect pet.


Fish are excellent pets for a variety of reasons. First, there aren’t many apartment complexes’ that have regulations against having fish tanks – at least, as long as they are within moderation. Next, fish are ideal because you get to decide the commitment you are making to them. If you want to have a lot of fish that you clean up after, then you can. Or if you prefer a simple goldfish in a glass, that’s great too. Whatever you decide, a fish is a top choice for a pet if your apartment doesn’t allow dogs or cats.

Hamster or Ferret 

If your children have been bugging you for a dog or a cat, and they don’t quite that your apartment gets the last word, then you may want to consider getting them a hamster or ferret instead. These cute little creatures can fit in the palm of your hand, or you can leave them in their cage all day long. As long as you are willing to clean up after them, since they do use the bathroom in their cages, a hamster or a ferret can be an excellent choice for a pet.


Birds are exotic animals that are ideal for those looking for something unique. While it may take a bit more to care for a bird – such as cleaning up droppings and ensuring they get enough exercise – they are truly magnificent creatures. You can opt for a more fun bird like a parrot, or something that is beautiful like a cockatiel. Or if your kids are asking for a bird, consider an easy canary, which can live up to 15 years.


Finally, there are a host of options to consider if you want to bring a reptile into your home. Just some of the reptiles you may want to add to your family include:

  • A snake
  • A turtle
  • A lizard

There are a ton of different types of options to consider if you decide that a reptile is perfect for your family.  What’s even better about reptiles is that each has their own level of commitment. For example, a snake is likely going to need less interaction than a dog, and a lizard will probably eat less than a cat. As you can see, a reptile is a fun consideration to make to add to your family.

If your apartment doesn’t allow cats or dogs, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get an animal. Instead, you’ll just have to be more creative in the options you consider. Whether you’re looking for yourself or your family, consider these options for pets if your apartment doesn’t allow dogs or cats.

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