Things to Do When Guests Are Coming

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Preparing ahead of time can make all the difference when it comes to having guests over. However, figuring out where to get started can be stressful, especially if you don’t have people over often. While it’s true that there can be a lot of work involved, the tips below can help make the process simple and straight-forward. When everything is finished, you’ll enjoy a home that’s ready for guests any time they stop by.

1. Wash the Bedding

Wash the bedding in the room that your guests will be staying in before they arrive. This will ensure that they smell good and are comfortable to sleep in. This will also get rid of any dust or pet hair that has collected while the bed has gone unused. If you don’t have extra linens, it’s a good idea to stock up on a few pillows and blankets to ensure everyone has enough.

2. Stock the Fridge

While it’s not necessary to buy everything at the grocery store, it’s a good idea to stock your fridge and pantry with a few necessities. As long as there are snacks, some drinks, and breakfast items, your visitors should be able to get by. However, the things you need may vary by how many guests you have and if they’ll be dining with you for each meal.

Tip: Ask your guests if there are any food items they need from the store before you go shopping. This can ensure you get food and drinks they’ll actually want.

3. Clean the Bathrooms

It’s crucial to tidy up bathrooms so they’re clean for the guests who will be using them. Deep cleaning isn’t necessary, although it’s a good idea to clean the toilet, wipe down the sink, rinse out the bathtub, and quickly mop the floors.

4. Wash the Towels

If your guests will be staying the night, then clean bath towels and hand towels are necessary. Wash these the day before they arrive so you can have them ready and avoid doing last-minute laundry.

5. Clean the Floors

Clean floors will help improve the overall look of your home, so it’s worth taking the time to do. This is especially true in the kitchen since most guests don’t want to dine or walk barefoot in a room that looks dirty.

6. Take Out The Trash

Avoid strange or unpleasant smells by taking out the trash right before your guests come. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then clean your trash cans a few days before they arrive to fully deodorize them.

7. Clear Space for Clothing

If you have a closet, then open this up for clothing for your guests. If you only have a dresser, then make sure a few drawers are cleaned out so they can keep their clothing out of their luggage.

A Great Experience for Your Guests

Even if your house guests are old friends or family, they will appreciate the effort you put into making sure they are comfortable. While you don’t have prepare months in advance, taking care of a few things in the days before they arrive will be worth it.

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