Summer Dessert Recipes

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Whether you are having guests over, going to a party, or just cooking for the family, you’ll want to have a lot of great new recipes readily available this summer. With the kids being out of school and plenty of parties being on the agenda, it’s the perfect chance to try out some of those new meals you’ve been experimenting with.

While many look forward to summer because it means BBQs full of chicken, steak, hamburgers, and other meat options, we know that you love summer because it means it’s time to make some tasty desserts. In fact, here are some of our favorite summer dessert recipes that are certainly worth mixing up.

Blueberry Pie

You don’t get much more summer than a good old blueberry pie. But while we’ve seen plenty of recipes over the years, this one has to rank near the top. This recipe will test your baking skills, while also taking about 3 hours to make. But when it’s all said and done, you’ll be looking at a moist and fluffy blueberry pie that everyone will be raving about. Once you get used to making this pie, it’ll surely become a staple in your household. And once you share it with friends, they’ll be asking you all about it.

PopsiclesMilk Chocolate Banana Pudding

This milk chocolate banana pudding is another one that takes a bit of time and prep to get ready. However, the general ease of making it is a bit easier than the blueberry pie, and instead it’s just a lot of waiting time for the process to complete. We especially love that this recipe doesn’t require a lot of different ingredients, and you can even switch out the whole milk with soy or fat free alternatives. This milk chocolate banana pudding is perfect if you are trying to impress with both presentation and delicious taste.

Strawberry Margarita Ice Pops

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for strawberry margarita ice pops that all of your adult guests will love. This super easy recipe only requires a bit of lime juice, some water, some alcohol, and a few strawberries. Then you just let it all freeze over a few hours, and you’ll have an adult dessert option that all your 21-and-up guests will love.

Kids Option – Love this recipe, but instead want to make some for the kids? Remove the alcohol and you’ll have tasty strawberry ice pops that your children will really enjoy on a hot summer day. This is also a great recipe for those that are trying to teach your children to cook, as it’s easy to put together.

Some of our other favorite summer dessert recipes include:

Whether it’s a hot pie out of the oven or a frozen popsicle from the freezer, you are going to love enjoying these summer dessert recipes. If you prepare in advance, you’ll even have some perfect recipe options to share with friends at all your summer parties this year.

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