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Even though it’s ranked as one of the 100 busiest areas in New Jersey, Ocean Township doesn’t always get the sort of attention as some of other cities in the state. However, when people look to Ocean Township to find out more, they quickly realize that there is something incredibly special about this small municipality located just a few yards away from the Atlantic Ocean.

When you come to Ocean Township, be sure to bring your camera and be prepared to take in plenty of sites. If you are looking for a few places to start your adventure, consider the options on this list.

Ocean And Pier

oceanThey don’t call it Ocean Township for nothing. In fact, you may spend all of your time here down at the ocean when you consider the fact that it’s just a few minutes away from anywhere in Ocean Township. When you head out to the ocean, you’ll be sure to find plenty of restaurants and other things to take part in on the pier. If you go during a holiday, such as July 4th, you’ll even see fireworks going off at the ocean. There is no denying the beauty of being so close to the ocean which is the case when you call Ocean Township home.

US Naval Weapons Station Earle

The United States Navy helps defend the country from foreign and threats 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That’s why we are so thankful that US Naval Weapons Station Earle is located in Ocean Township. It’s here that the Navy stores many of their weapons and other military items. If you are looking for a tour, consider visiting the US Naval Weapons Station Earle. You’ll see plenty of unique and interesting things during your tour, but keep in mind that there is plenty they don’t let you see as well!

Spend A Day At The Park

There are a few different parks to consider sightseeing at during your time in Ocean Township. Joe Palaia Park is the largest park in Ocean Township, and it recently had an addition to grow even larger. It’s here that Ocean Township throws many holiday parties and other festivities. Our small community does an excellent job of making everyone feel welcomed.

If you don’t want to head out to one of the busier parks, there are smaller parks too. Weltz Park, Sunshine Village Park, and Firemen’s Field Memorial Park are all among some of the best in the state. Bring a book and plan to spend some time during your day at one of the many parks that Ocean Township has to offer.

Ocean Township ranks as one of the top 100 busiest cities in New Jersey. But what’s really great about Ocean Township is that it also offers plenty of historic sites that you can never get enough of. Whether you call Ocean Township home and you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, or if you are just in town for a few days and want to soak in as much as you can, be sure to consider the sightseeing options here.

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