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With just under 28,000 people, Ocean Township is a hidden gem that can be found in New Jersey. Located in what’s known as the greater area of Monmouth County, Ocean Township provides the opportunity for both residents and visitors to find something to do. Whether you call Ocean Township home, or if you are just visiting, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself while you’re here.

Ocean Township may not have the same type of draw or allure as some of the other bigger cities in New Jersey, but there are plenty of reasons to find interest in this area. Here are some of the interesting facts of Ocean Township, New Jersey.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small, But It’s Just Right

When you compare Ocean Township to other areas in New Jersey, it may not jump off the board in terms of appeal or excitement. But while Ocean Township may not be too big for those that are looking to avoid a large city atmosphere, it’s also not too small when you consider it’s population in comparison to other areas in New Jersey. In 2010, Ocean Township ranked 85th out of over 400 counties in terms of population. For those that are looking for an area that is the perfect medium-size, Ocean Township is certainly it.

new-jerseyThe 1930s Were A Booming Decade For Ocean Township

Throughout history, Ocean Township has had varying populations. Some years it’s up, and some years it’s down. However, when Ocean Township really took off and became a popular part of New Jersey was in the 1930s. It was during this decade that Ocean Township saw an increase in population of nearly 83%. There was another boom in the 70s when Ocean Township expanded by another 70%. Now Ocean Township is considered to be a moderate sized city in New Jersey, making it an ideal location for many people to visit, or even call home for years to come.

We’ve Had Our Fair Share Of Famous Alumni

Ocean Township is no stranger of having famous alumni. There have been plenty of people who have left Ocean Township and ended up doing many bigger things with their lives. That includes politicians, entertainers, professional athletes, musicians, talk show hosts, university professors, and even a few magicians. There is such a diversity that is in Ocean Township that you never know where someone will excel. However, when you look at history, it’s obvious that there must be something in the water when you consider the ratio of people who have seen success from Ocean Township.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Ocean Township was incorporated on February 21, 1849. With over 150 years of history, Ocean Township ranks as one of the oldest incorporated areas in the entire state of New Jersey.

Ocean township brings a special and unique feel to the people that come here. Something majestic that you’ll truly come to enjoy and appreciate. And with some of the interesting facts that you now know about Ocean Township, consider it as your next destination when in New Jersey.

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