Is It Time To Cut The Cord?

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When it comes to your income-to-debt ratio each month, every penny counts. That’s why many people are considering dropping their overpriced cable subscriptions for apps and web-based alternatives. While Netflix and Hulu may be the big names in the industry, more and more people are realizing the amount of alternatives that are available for cutting the cord from cable TV.

Even though the trend is showing that people are cutting the reigns to cable, that may not mean that it’s the best option for you. Even if you are incredibly fed up with your cable company, you may still rely on certain services that make it impossible to cut free.

To help you determine whether or not it is time to cut the cord, here are some things to evaluate in your thought process.

What Programs Do You Enjoy Most?

While more shows are transitioning to streaming services, that does not mean that everything out there is readily available at the click of a button. Some shows go through cycles, while others are restricted by syndication rules that prohibit their release on programs like Netflix or Hulu. If you are interested in a specific show, then you may be limited in terms of what service you must be with. This is the same for those who enjoy sports, as there are fewer options for streaming your favorite teams. While the options are out there, the cost will quickly add up if you are subscribing to multiple streaming services each month. Therefore, consider what you watch most and then evaluate whether or not you need cable to keep up.

Cord-CuttingDo You Have The Technology Available To Cut The Cord?

Sometimes technology is talked about as if everyone in the world readily has it available at their fingertips. However, that’s not the case. Many people don’t have the type of technology that is needed to stream video to their television – or even a television set that can handle the quality of video that is being streamed. Even more people do not have the necessary internet speeds that are required to stream video at a feasible speed, adding yet another wrench into the equation.

While millions of people around the world readily have technology at their fingertips, that isn’t the case for everyone. If you don’t have the equipment necessary to watch your favorite shows, then cutting the cord from cable won’t be an option.

Is It Worth The Cost Difference?

For years, cable was the only option. This meant that the cable companies could charge exuberant rates that customers didn’t have a choice but to pay. Even though subscribing to one or two streaming services can be cheaper than your cable bill, that won’t be the case as you start adding more subscriptions. When the cost then exceeds your original cable bill, you’ll wonder why you even cut the cord to begin with. Before you make the change, add up the costs that you’ll be paying for streaming services and compare it to what you expect to save by cutting the cord.

Those that love entertainment and television will need to find the perfect option for watching their favorite shows. But while cable may have been the only choice for many years, consider these factors for the new option of cutting the cord and freeing yourself from your original subscriber.

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