How to Maximize the Space in Your Apartment

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Living in an apartment has many advantages, such as lower rent cost, saving on utilities, and building a sense of community with your neighbors. Additionally, there are many shared community spaces that you can enjoy, such as a swimming pool or exercise room. However, the perks that you receive from living in an apartment are sometimes overshadowed by one major drawback, which is the limit on available space. Apartment living can seem incredibly crowded, but fortunately, careful planning and space management can make apartment living more enjoyable and functional.

Here are some tips you can use to maximize the space in your apartment:

Dispose of Unneeded Belongings

The first rule of apartment living is to get rid of all of the things that you have been hanging onto that you no longer need. If you’re a hoarder, then this advice might sound like I asked you to cut off one of your limbs; however, most normal people can easily say goodbye to stuff that is no longer useful. For example, if you are like most new renters who are moving into an apartment, then you have tons of old clothing that you have not used in years. Stuff like this should be an easy choice that you can eliminate. 

Of course not all decisions will be this easy. You need to make some more difficult eliminations also. Things like the old furniture your mother left you, the two extra televisions in your guest rooms, or the treadmill that you bought and never used are all items which could be placed on the chopping block. As a rule of thumb, if you can live without it, then getting rid of it is a good trade for the space you will gain.

Hideaway Storage is Your Friend

Finding clever places to store your stuff is always a good plan. Totes can be tucked under benches along a wall, or they can be packed into lofts along your ceiling. Also, drawers should be located out of the way, such as being designed to fit under your bed. Furthermore, small partitions can be used to separate part of your room from your main view; thus, allowing your room to appear uncluttered.

Collapsible Furniture is Your Friend

Having collapsible furniture is a good idea even when you live in a full size home; however, when you live in a cramped space, it becomes invaluable. Beds that fold into a couch are a huge space saver because during the day they serve as a couch; however, at night they magically transform your living room into sleeping space. Additionally, folding chairs and tables can be collapsed and moved out of the way to allow room for exercising or other needs.

Shelves Are a Life-saver

When you think about saving space in an apartment, shelves are magical. They turn the unused vertical space of your apartment into fully functional space. You can use them for stacking storage bins or to place items like a computer or television on. As an added bonus, they offer a great opportunity to decorate your room by arranging your belongings in a more stylish organization.

In conclusion, I hope you find these tips useful in making your apartment feel more spacious. If you plan carefully, then apartment living doesn’t have to feel crowded. By spending a little time arranging your apartment before hand, it will pay off when you make the move.

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