Great Gifts to Get Your Significant Other on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates love, and oftentimes, that’s done through giftgiving. While it’s nice to be the one receiving gifts, it’s isn’t always as easy being on the other side of the equation. V-Day is coming up, and if you still don’t have any idea of what you’re going to get your significant other, don’t go buying gas station flowers just yet. Rather, consider these more meaningful gifts instead.

Chocolates or Other Candies

Duh, it’s Valentine’s Day! Giving chocolates is a given. While you could go with the standard heart-shaped box of chocolate, that option is a little cliche and almost definitely overpriced to take advantage of Valentine’s Day shoppers. Instead, opt for something a little more unique and memorable, such as chocolate-covered fruit or dark chocolate truffles. Better yet, do you know your SO’s favorite type of candy?

A Personal Card

Along with chocolates, sentimental greeting cards are a norm on Valentine’s Day. You can surely do better than spending a few bucks on a pre-written, lovey-dovey message. Instead, write out your own card or note, personalized to your loved one. Focus on the good times you’ve shared together, why they matter to you, and what makes them such a wonderful part of your life. Bonus points if you compose your own poem!

A Scrapbook of Shared Memories

There’s no doubt that technology has made it a lot easier to store, organize, and view our photos and videos, but with all the added simplicity, it just isn’t as romantic anymore. You need not be limited to photos, either. Do you have any mementos from past dates, like movie ticket stubs or notes you’ve sent to each other? Putting all of these keepsakes together into one physical package can be a wonderful reminder of the special relationship you have.

Something on Their Wishlist

A Valentine’s Day gift need not be pink-colored or made of chocolate. The holiday can be a good excuse to give a gift that your loved one has had on their mind lately. While plenty of retailers will tell you that this candle or that kitchen appliance is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, do a little thinking (and maybe even some clever sleuthing) to figure out what your significant other’s been wanting.

Tickets or a Trip

Sometimes, the best gifts aren’t material ones. Sure, you could drop a lot of money on something that your loved one will appreciate, but there’s a chance they’ll have less need for it as time goes on. Instead, consider getting a gift for the both of you with a pair of tickets to an event that interests you. Or, you could plan a big weekend trip to somewhere you’ve both been meaning to go. In the end, you can’t put a price on memories.

These are all fine Valentine’s Day gifts that most people would be happy to receive. Better yet, they don’t require you to spend a lot of money. After all, there’s a lot of truth to the saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” The more thought you put into what makes the perfect gift for your significant other, the greater the impact will be. And while your SO will gladly accept any gift you give them, wouldn’t you want to give the most perfect gift of all?

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