Decorating The Front Door Of Your Apartment

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If you’re looking to add a bit of creativity and style to your apartment, consider how big of a difference you can make by decorating the front door. As a renter, your options may be limited to the changes you can make to the space. However, there are plenty of minor DIY additions you can make to your front door that’ll really make it stand out.

It may not have been one of the first places you considered, even though it’s often the first place people look. To make the most of it, here are some tips for decorating the front door of your apartment.

Start On The Outside

Front-Door-DecorationWhile many people consider a wreath to be a festive holiday addition for a door, that’s surely limiting the decorative options. In fact, you can hang a wreath without all of the holiday additions that will be appropriate throughout the year. Alternative plant options will also look great right outside the front door of your apartment, turning it into a welcoming entryway for guests.

After approving it with your apartment complex, another change may be to add a different color of paint to the front door. Coloring the entire door will certainly look different from your neighbors, but even a clean trim will have plenty of creative flair. Painting the exterior of your door may or may not be allowed in your apartment, so be sure to get permission before doing so.

Finally, a storm door is also another feasible investment for the front of your home. You’ll add more airflow throughout the apartment, while also adding a layer of protection from the outside. A storm door is another project you’ll want to confirm before adding, but you’ll love the end result.

Pro Tip – Avoid overdoing it. While a few subtle additions will make your apartment front door look great, too many features will make it appear to be overcrowded and discombobulated. Keep things clean and organized, and you’ll impress your guests with a great first impression.

Inside The Apartment

When your options are limited in terms of what you can do outside, look to the inside of the door to changes that you can make. For example, if you can’t paint the outside of the door, you may be able to do the inside. Adding a unique color to the inside of your front door will be something that draws attention from your guests, and it also shows off your creativity.

If you can’t paint it, use Washi Tape on the door. This tape is a sticky adhesive material that you can easily take off when the time comes to move. You can get incredibly creative with removable tape, turning your front door into an easel for your own individual style.

First impressions make a huge impact. Therefore, you’ll want the front of your apartment to be inviting and welcoming to guests. Along with a clean and organized entryway, consider these ideas for decorating the front door of your apartment. You’ll see how much of an impact a decorated front door has and fall in love with the idea of coming home.

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