Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment Bathroom

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Bathrooms can be small with white walls. Many people don’t take advantage of all the interior design ideas, and creativity that can be done to the bathroom.

Modern bathroom improvements can be cheap and removable, which allows you to to personalize this important space. If you’re ready to light up your bathroom a bit, then you’ll want to make note of these six decorating tips.

Storage and Design

Many apartment bathrooms run on the small side. The key to decorating these spaces is to decorate as much as you can. Hand towels hung over the back of the toilet or a tall bathroom cabinet count as just two of the ways you can maximize the walls in your bathroom. These features give you extra storage space, without taking up your precious floor space.

If you would like to avoid some of the plain-looking bathroom shelves you can buy at the local home store, then try something like ladder-style shelves. This style of shelving still allows you to build up instead of out, but it also provides your shelves with a bit of a wider foundation.

Here’s how these work. Picture a ladder that you can lean against the wall. Each rung is a shelf. The shelves that make up the lower rungs are slightly wider than the top shelves. What’s cool about a piece like this is that you can paint it or add some decorative decals to it. This adds visual interest, without changing the walls or any of the permanent fixtures in the bathroom.

Additionally, if you have a sink with a cupboard attached, stash towels, toilet paper, and other items here. If you can, try to avoid putting cleaning supplies under the sink. They take up space you probably don’t have. A better option for this is a plastic bucket or tub that you fill with sponges, cleaners, rubber gloves, and the like.

You can store this cleaning container in the hall closet. You only need to grab the bucket and bring it to the bathroom when you’re ready to clean.


Plants, like ivy, love love love the humidity and fortunately, grow long vines, making them an ideal plant to decorate your bathroom with. If you’ve opted for the ladder-style shelves in the previous section or you happen to have a high place, then make the most of such features.

Plants make any space feel more alive, and plants with long vines allow you to maximize the up-not-out principle. As a bonus, many plants will thrive in the bathroom because your bathroom is always humid, and many bathrooms have a window to let the light in. Plants are a natural addition to a space like this and a refreshing one at that.

Peel-and-Stick Vinyl

Bland, white walls counts as one of the chief things that drain the joy out of apartment living. From a painting perspective, no way exists to get around this dilemma. Again, from a painting perspective.

Painting the walls isn’t the only way to add a little color to a room. Peel-and-stick vinyl wallpaper (or stickers) covers white walls, but without the permanency of paint.

Additionally, it’s not just color you can add to a room with a little vinyl. It’s texture, too. So, if you love faux leather or rough brick or even a little decorative plaster, this is the way to go.

Shower Curtains and Bathroom Rugs

Your shower curtain and your bathroom rug count as other cheap, yet chic ways to bring some color into an otherwise dull bathroom.

Like the peel-and-stick vinyl, these elements also give you a way to add some texture to your space. A sheepskin rug on the floor adds an air of luxury and warmth, while a turkish bath towel that has been converted to a curtain brings texture to the shower area.


And here’s a bonus tip for a white-tiled room. If you want it to look even bigger still install floor-length mirrors where you can. (A large mirror over the sink would work, too.) Mirrors reflect the light, which also contributes to the bathroom looking and feeling more spacious.

Fixtures & Light Switch Plates

This idea works well with the tile idea in the previous section. If you’ve installed white fixtures – or are trying to work with the white walls you have – adding touches of black brings a little visual flare to the space. Some landlords will let you change light and faucet fixtures provided that you change them back when you move out. Black fixtures give the bathroom an industrial-style look and provide a stunning contrast to the lighter colors you have featured in your bathroom.

Small touches, like a cool switch plate on the light fixture or a trash can that features an amazing design, can easily be swapped out at almost a moment’s notice. What’s cool about removable features such as these is that if you like them, then you can take them with you to your new place and use them again. Not only does such a move save you money, it also gives you a sense of continuity when you go from one place to another.

There is so much you can do to make your bathroom fit your personality. Modern home improvement stores sell items, like peel-and-stick vinyl, interesting shower curtains and rugs, light switch plates, and ladder-style shelving to name but a few accessory items. Even keeping the white walls in your bathroom can actually help you create a dramatic-looking room if you add contrasting features, like a black trash can or multi-colored light switch plate.

In summary, with only a few small design improvements, you can make your bathroom feel more cheery and welcoming.

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