How To Decorate Your Apartment For Spring

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Spring has officially sprung and if you haven’t already done it, it is time to change the feel of your apartment. There is a whole different vibe in spring and summer than in the short winter months and your apartment should reflect that. Below are a few creative ways to springify your home!

Plants, Plants, Plants!

Pinterest recently found that house plant purchases are up as much as %200 in the United States! Everyone is doing it, shouldn’t you? Plants are a great way to bring fresh air and fresh smells into your apartment. Obviously, the spring is the best months to be growing plants in your home, but there are species that can thrive year round. Some plants require more sunshine and care than others, so it is all about finding the plants that fit your lifestyle the best. Some are more aesthetically pleasing, some can have actual health benefits. Adding plants to your apartment makes you bring in more sunlight and is a great way to give you that spring feel!

Brighter Colors

Spring is a season of fresh starts and bright colors! Adding color to your apartment is an easy way to bring in new energy and allow yourself to really feel the season. Bright colors means happier vibes and less stress. Something as simple as adding a colorful pillow to your couch or bed can change the whole feel of the room. This is also yet another reason to look into some houseplants and maybe see if one with some color could be right for you. Since you are living in an apartment you probably won’t be painting any walls, but you could look for some inexpensive art to hang on the walls to brighten the room. A simple trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond could offer all kinds of different ways to add color to your apartment to prepare for spring!

Spring Cleaning?

I know what you’re probably thinking, cleaning is different from decorating. This is certainly true, but it helps more than you may realize with your decor. Cleaning and decluttering clears shelf space and makes your room feel bigger. It feels easier to breath in a room that isn’t a mess and everything is in it’s place. This is just another reason why taking one day each spring to clean the whole apartment is probably worth it. So we suggest, sucking it up, getting it done, and enjoying the benefits all the way until it is time to spring clean again next year.

If you haven’t Spring-ified your apartment you need to get on it, because before you know it, it will be the long winter months once again. Taking a day to clean and redecorate will give you all kinds of enjoyment, it’s just a matter of doing it. So we hope this gave you a little bit of inspiration, but now it is time to get out there and spring up your apartment!

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