Camping Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Camping Experience

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Camping can be an exhilarating and simultaneously exhausting experience, but there’s no greater feeling than roughing it in the woods and making it out alive! For unexperienced campers, camping can be riddled with struggles, discomfort, and unfamiliar sights and sounds—but come equipped with the right supplies, and camping can be a fun and relaxing experience you’ll never forget. Using these camping tips will allow you to spend less time swatting away bugs, and focus on the reason you came: to enjoy the great outdoors.

Your campsite can make or break your experience. Getting the most out of your camping experience begins before you even set up your tent: by selecting the perfect campsite. Pick a campsite that is clean, dry, and preferably on high ground to avoid flooding. Avoid areas of dead or decaying trees, where treefall is likely during the event of a storm. Keep in mind wind direction, east-west relativity, and where the sun will rise and set. If you find a healthy, well-rooted tree, you may want to set up your tent underneath it to seek additional shelter if it rains.

Pack the essentials. Although it can be tempting to pack as many things as will fit in your bag to make your stay outdoors feel more like home, it’s best to pack light. You’ll be just fine without your robe and slippers, and having extra space in your bag will allow room for other things—like flashlights, spare batteries, a headlamp, and extra pairs of socks if your shoes get wet. There are a ton of camping checklists out there that can give you a comprehensive list of the essentials while on the trail.

Know how to navigate. Knowing navigational basics can provide peace of mind and prepare you for any unexpected missteps—especially if you’ll be spending most of your day hiking or exploring beyond the campsite. It’s great to go on a solo adventure, but take caution not to wander too far. If you do, make sure you let someone know where you’re going and when you plan to return. Or, consider leaving a “breadcrumb” trail to mark your route so that you can easily find your way back.

Tread lightly. Don’t forget that you are invading the personal space of many animals, plants, and insects that could easily send you back home with a rash, bite, or disease. Get familiar with poisonous plants, bugs, ticks, and how to safely interact with wildlife. Always respect our forests and the creatures living there, and always be respectful of other campers as well. The environment is a fragile place, and we can’t forget our duty to give back!

Look up some camping hacks. Did you know that placing a headlamp around a gallon of water, facing inwardly can illuminate your entire tent in the night? Have you tried the coffee can trick for storing toilet paper properly? There are dozens of camping hacks out there that seasoned campers have tried and tested, and trying them out could save you a headache in a sticky situation. Check out this article for a ton of great ideas and camping hacks!

Camping can be a wonderfully relaxing and fulfilling experience, but only if you know what to bring and how to prepare. By doing just a little bit of research into the environment you’ll be camping in, you can stay safe and knowledgeable about any possible encounters. Always respect the campsite, fellow campers, and wildlife, and only pack the essentials. Try to become familiar with cardinal directions and always let someone know where you plan to be if you wander from the campsite. Now, get those s’mores ready!

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