Best Type of Plants for Apartment Living

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With the right plants, any indoor space can turn into a welcoming and refreshing living zone. Plants will not only add color and life to your apartment, but also fresh air. In addition to most plants’ ability to produce oxygen, many of them purify other toxins from the air.

Keep in mind that not all plants are suited for indoors, especially if you live in an apartment with few windows. If your apartment is lacking in sunlight, then you will want to look into plants that need only a little each day.

Spider Plant

As its name implies, this green and white dual-colored plant is like a spider draped over its pot. However, this spider has numerous legs. It does well in both bright and lower light settings indoors, making it a great option for any apartment. 

English Ivy

This is an easy way to add a lot of charm and elegance to your indoor space. English ivy likes to weave itself down, up, and around things, giving your space a unique touch. 

Like its outdoor counterparts, English ivy can handle sunlight but prefers doing its work in the shade. So don’t fret if your placement of an English ivy plant is not very sun-friendly. It will grow fine in many places in your apartment. 


You may have trouble spelling it, but don’t let that stop you from considering this colorful option for your home. It can reach up to six feet, so make sure you have space to let it grow. Also, keep in mind that the leaves on this plant (which thrives in low-medium light) can grow up to 12 inches long.

Areca Palm

She can grow big, up to seven feet tall, but she can be contained nicely within a space if you don’t let her roots get out of control. The leaves of this palm are more supple than many other types of palms, and the branches thin and almost wispy. It is likened more to a bamboo than a palm.

Areca palms were once an endangered species but are now a popular choice for homes. They love bright light but have trouble with too much direct sunlight. They will tell you they are struggling when their leaves begin to yellow.

The small list above may contain some ideas that you really take to. If not, the options of possible indoor plants is seemingly endless. With more research, you’ll find the plants you really desire.

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