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If you love having your own garden, then you may think that it’s impossible to grow anything in an apartment. But whether it’s your vacation home or the place you go every night, don’t let living an apartment stop you from having the inside garden that you want. In fact, there are plenty of ways for you to have a boisterous garden inside your apartment.

It’ll take a bit of extra effort and work on your behalf, but here are some tips for having the best inside apartment gardens in your home.

Know How You Plan To Grow

Indoor-GardenDo you have enough room on your balcony to set up a small grow? Or are you going to rely on a hydroponic setup with a lighting system that you alternate on your own? These are likely going to be the two questions you need to ask yourself when first making your apartment garden.

In the event that you have enough room outside, then consider yourself lucky. Having a small balcony attached to your apartment will allow you to grow plants and vegetables in the area that you have. The pro tip here is to keep your plants off the cement, as this will limit their ability to grow. Instead, hang them over a balcony, or put them in a pot that is raised off the ground.

If you don’t have room outside, that doesn’t mean you are out of luck. Instead, you can purchase a hydroponic indoor system. These systems can be setup on your own schedules. This means that you choose when the plants will get light, be fed, and get rest. When you can control those conditions, it makes your grow much easier to alter.

Whether you want to go with a natural or more artificial grow, there are certainly both options for your apartment garden.

A Schedule Is Key

Think about how much your life would be in disarray if you didn’t keep a routine schedule. Well, your plants are going to be the same way. They need to have a set time that they are fed, they get light, and they rest. If they don’t have this schedule, then they won’t be able to grow to their fullest.

For those that are doing an apartment grow outside in natural conditions, these settings will be determined by weather and climate you live in. However, hydroponic indoor grows can be controlled by the gardener.

In addition to a general schedule once the plants are active, be sure to also have a plan for when you want to start growing them, as this could be a factor with weather conditions for outside grows.

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful indoor garden. With just a bit of creativity and some added ingenuity, as well as the tips on this list, you can grow an amazing inside apartment garden for whatever it is that your green thumb desires.

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